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Dr.rao’s Aram Pain Balm is a deep effect  Ayurvedic formulation made with the pure natural herbs like Menthol, Thymol, Campor, Eucalyptus oil etc.. for quick relief from Headache, Muscular (body) pains, Sprains, Stress etc.


Dr.Rao’s ARAM is an Herbal Innovative Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-rheumatic strong pain balm for external application with the tolerated formula of familiar ingredients in Ayurveda like menthol, thymol, camphor, eucalyptus oil etc..,

Dr.rao’s ARAM Balm gives relief for instant pains like a headache, body pains, sprains, and muscular pain.



  • Broad spectrum pain reliever.
  • Safe & Long lasting effect.
  • Can be applied externally when any other oral medication is given for pains.

How To Use

To be applied on the affected area and massaged gently with fingertips.

In the severe condition of cold put some balm in warm water and inhale the vapors for instant relief.

Note: don’t use on wounds, cuts and open skin.


Nilgiri Tel – 5%
karpoor – 5%
Ajowan ka Phool – 6%
Pudian Ka Phool – 22%
Turpentine Oil – 5%
Ointment base – 5%


Balm – 10 gms in Plastic container


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