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Dr.Raos | Online Herbal Store / Dan-F AYURVEDIC ANTI-DANDRUFF Hair Tonic
Dan-F anti dandruff hair oilAnti Dandruff Hair oilBuy Anti Dandruff Hair oil
Dan-F anti dandruff hair oil
Anti Dandruff Hair oil
Buy Anti Dandruff Hair oil



Best & fast effective Anti-Dandruff Hair Tonic with no more side (corrosive) effects for chronic scalp problems like dandruff, Seborrhea, dermatitis, taeniacaptis etc.

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Stop damaging your hair in the name of Anti-dandruff shampoo.

Why shampoo is not a permanent fix?

Whenever we notice dandruff what usually we do is to use any anti-dandruff shampoo to wash it off.

Meaning:   You’re applying an Anti-dandruff shampoo for 30 seconds to a minute just to clean dandruff and dirt from your scalp.

This won’t stop dandruff to form again.

Moreover you are damaging your hair by applying powerful chemicals as a result you might see side affects like hair fall

Cure and treatment:

There are many ways to treat dandruff. Here our moto is to cure it with Ayurvedic practice with herbs.

A Solution from Ayurveda – “Shiro-Abhyanga” head massage with herbal oil.

Dr.rao’s Dan-f An Ayurvedic Anti-dandruff hair oil carefully handmade with 100% natural and active herbs like bhrngaraja, nili, brahmi, japakusuma, amalaki, dhattura best known for its Antiseptic and Anti-bacterial properties infused in 100% pure coconut oil according to age old traditional Ayurvedic methodologies as described in the Caraka Samhita, Susruta Samhita and Astanga Hrdayam to cure dandruff and its related problems.

Dr.Rao’s Dan-F is the best and very effective Anti-Dandruff Hair oil without any corrosive/side effects, unlikely any Anti-Dandruff oils/shampoos.

Best & fast effective Anti-Dandruff Hair Tonic with no more side (corrosive) effects for chronic scalp problems

like dandruff, Seborrhea, dermatitis, taeniacaptis etc.


  • Controls dandruff and its associated discomforts like itching.
  • Controls severe scalp problems like seborrhea, dermatitis taeniacaptis etc.
  • Regularizes the natural perspiration of the scalp.
  • Atrophied roots become alive.
  • A continuity aid after lice treatment.
  • No side effects.
  • Suitable for all hair types both Men & Women.



Indigoferatinctoria, Ecliptaalba, Hibiscus rosasinensis, Bacopamonnieri, EmblicaOfficinalis (amla), Daturametel, Coconut oil.

How To Use


Apply Dr. Rao’s Dan-F Anti-dandruff hair tonic to reach roots of hair follicles with a dropper and give a gentle massage with fingertips on the scalp to obtain best results.


Wash the hair twice or thrice a week

If you are using any hair dryers (hot air) maintain low heat by keeping the hair dryer at some distance

Rinse (wash) comb with warm water twice or thrice a week.



50 ml. & 100 ml. in pet bottle.


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